what makes me happy

after the lecture where we watched the Austrian graphic designer Stephan SAGMEISTER on ted.com, i was so excited by the fact that some body defferent ( ethnicity )the me has the same felling then me.

My response that makes me happy are alot and i can even write a book about it. The one that makes me more happy is the achievement of an artefact made by myself from a to z throught design and creativity.

here are some examples





web 2.0

web 2.0 is one of the label that market men have assigned as type of Web application. under the market they have assigned two application as far i know; web 1.0 and web 2.0.
after the lecture, what can i say about web 1.0 and web 2.0? honestly a lot can be say but limited by other assignments and tasks, i will say few things.
let start by the web 1.0 which is a application that rely on the client server principle ( the interaction between software systems are broken down into two roles; clients request services and the servers provide the services requested.
the web 2.0 encapsulates the idea of the proliferation of the inter connectivity and interactivity of web delivered content. web 2.0 can be visualized as a set of principles and practices that tie together a veritable solar system of sites that demonstrate some or all those principles, at a varying distance from the core. figure1web20
to have a view about the two applications have a look on this list. Web 1.0 Web 2.0
Double Click –> Google  AdSense
Ofoto –> Flickr
Akamai –> BitT orrent
mp3.com –> Napster
Britannica Online –> Wikipedia
personal websites –> blogging
evite –> upcoming.org and EVDB
domain name speculation –> search engine optimization
page views –> cost per click
screen scraping –> web services
publishing –> participation
content management systems –> wikis
directories (taxonomy) –> tagging (“folksonomy”)
stickiness –> syndication
This list can go on and on

sad story of the internet

in the lecture held on the 3/02/2009 we learn the story of tghe internet (how it was born)

we can clasifier the creation of the internet in three steps.

  • step one

the first step began with with a write called Vannevar BUSH in around 1945

  • step two

the second step was with D.ENGALBART with a protype online systeme wich was able to do hiper text, e mailling and editing

  • step three

in 1980’s with Tim BERNRSS LEE the writer of a program which allowed notes to be linked.

the sad things is the people who were in the geneses of the internet did not make profit on it when around the world some are making fortune.

The declin of music industry?

during the lecture we talked a lot about the health of music industry. the bad news is that our music or the music industry is declining very quick due for many reasons, but the principals fact that causing the decline of the music industry is the illegal downloading from various web site. one question came in my mind during the lecture is that why i have to pay when i can download from free or less. today young are less attracted to buy music from store but we all know that more then 30% or even more sale are done by them. action need to be taken


during this lecture we have watched short  films about statistic and asked to view some at home. we did also have looked at various people in the convergent media such Tim O REILLY. we also learnt the basic techniques of adobe photoshop at the workshop. what really impressed me is the fact that how communication and everything related to it  is changing.

people now using different way and techniques to create, learnand consume. and all that is able by the arrival of different type of technologies.

we were also asked to produce an artefact ( slideshow of images ) with statistics from ourself or through research that we have to converte the result on a visual form. the slideshow has to be done using  flicker and up load to the wordpress blog that i have created during the first term.

here is the link that will allow you to see what i have created. ENJOY…


use of adobe illustrator personal

we did not have the opportunity during the 112 module to learn the use of adobe illustrator, but with some of the knowledge gain from the photoshop and some of my own research and learning program. i have manage to use the application and actually i am confident using adobe illustrator.



during the covergent media module we were required to attend a workshop which is a pratical part of the module, during the workshop we have to learn the use of many application(software) used in the production of the convergent edia artefact.

during the two sesion allocated to learn adobe dreamweaver, we went through the application and learn the basics techniques needed for the use of the application so that  we will be able to create a basic web site.

we were asked to create a web site for beginner, showing that we understand the basic of  dreamweaver . the web site has to include tinks with other web site, pictures gallery and be able to link between the pages.

i am happy because i manage to create a good web site and push myself on the limite and achieve something that i will be every day pride of  it.

working with adobe flash cs3

we have been working on the adobe flash software for two weeks. i really find the software more complex when we just started,  attending the session workshop twice a day helped me to overcome the difficulties that i had and manage to understand the use fo the software and created  a photo slideshow which was given to us as task using the software

adobe photoshop workshop

the time we spent when  we learnt the use of adobe photoshop was not a waste of time. it’s true that we just learn the basic of the application, but i have spent more time at home practicing. today i can say that i am confident when using or working if the application.

we were given a task to do; which was to produce some artefact’s about the data visualisation. i did it using the skills gain from the workshop and my personal development. here is some of the personal pieces and pieces for the assignment produce using the application.

11281127psd112photoshoppractice1122112 mc data visualisation

Planification for the 112 mc blog

i miss  how to manage the 112MC  Blog, only two day before the dead line that every things became clear in my mind. so i have got only two day left from today to update my Blog, if not i will fail the module which is around 40%.

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